Share Vanuatu with Mum & Dad!

Sep 23, 15 Share Vanuatu with Mum & Dad!


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, but in looking with new eyes.

— Marcel Proust







A journey can be experienced in many ways: solo with nothing but a big, old dirty rucksack and a whopping, cheesy grin; with friends eager for adventure and excitement; or in the chaotic wonder that is with the extended family.


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As adults, we grow to seek adventure on our own terms, having flown the coop many years ago and grown apart from those that once made our lunches and gave us pocket money. We miss out on another, unique travelling experience: with our parents. Modern life has us as separate – it’s totally normal – but the act of reconnecting with your parents on a shared holiday can make for an unforgettable experience – a chance to see the world through your mother’s or father’s eyes and create new, lifelong memories. And perhaps, maybe your life has you far away from your childhood home and you totally forgot that Father’s Day has just passed… so you owe him one, BIG time. Vanuatu, with its culture of sharing and the friendliest people on earth, is an amazing place to – yep, you guessed it – celebrate with your parents!



With Mum,

Many Vanuatu adventures start – before scampering to a nearby island of the archipelago, or a secluded resort nearby – at Port Vila on the island of Efate. The island has a diverse selection of health and beauty spas that offer everything from traditional Melanesian massage to all manner of beauty treatments, some combining fashion, massage, spa and champagne high teas. Other treatments include unique products made from the region’s volcanic ash and mud, as well as local coconuts and banana leaf. There is no doubt your mum deserves pampering, and the best part about this is you can get some too.


The Vanuatu tradition of using local materials including palm leaves to weave stunning baskets, hats, mats, and even hunting traps, continues to be practiced across the islands today. In many parts of Vanuatu, demonstrations and classes are offered to showcase this ancient but enduring tradition. This is an opportunity immerse yourselves in the local culture and learn something new together!


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In the middle of Port Vila, and only a short walk along the waterfront from the Grand Hotel and Casino is the capital’s famous fresh produce markets. These are perfect for gathering ingredients for cooking up a meal together or just for a quick, and delicious, lunch. Here you will find the best local, seasonal produce (mostly organic!) and hot food stalls, where you can get anything from fried fish heads (for the adventurous) to curries and delicious chicken wings.
On Wharf Road in Port Vila is another awesome shopping experience. The Vanuatu Handicraft Market is a myriad of colour and energy where you and mum can pick up traditional island dress, art, sculpture, jewelry and all kinds of authentic local handicraft.



With Dad,


Vanuatu’s Pacific coastline is famous for it’s fishing, and particularly as a visiting place for one of our planet’s great deep-water fish: the blue marlin. Imagine your old man’s face when he hooks onto one of the most sought-after and powerful fish species in the ocean, with the rod bending down to the surface of the water and the reel screaming as the mighty marlin – that can grow up to 14 feet and 900 kilograms – powers away like an underwater freight train. It will be high fives all ’round, and a shared moment to savour, if either of you manage to land one of these beautiful and formidable fish. Even if you don’t get the hallowed blue marlin, many other prized species (like the barracuda/Spanish mackerel pictured above) trawl the waters in abundance. There are a bunch of professional sport-fishing charters operating across the archipelago, so you and your dad can chase a world record specimen together.


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One thing all dads seem to be good at (or at least they say so) is golf. So, if your dad loves traipsing up and down fairways and greens, Vanuatu has great courses across both the islands of Efate – with an 18-hole PGA level course – and Espiritu Santo, for a variety of skillsets and standards. Get him to show you the ropes, and bond over the challenge of the game and (hopefully) hole-in-one golfing glory. what is my ip? Vanuatu’s courses are known for their lush, slow greens (making for easy-ish putting!) and a combination of garden settings or beachside views, while at some of the courses you and dad can even duck-off for a dip at a pristine beach in the middle of your, hopefully better than par, round.


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