Vanuatu Fishing Holiday – Ride the Famous Marlin Highway

Dec 19, 13 Vanuatu Fishing Holiday – Ride the Famous Marlin Highway

“Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman, he thought. But that was the thing I was born for.”

Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea


The breathtaking archipelago of Vanuatu is one of the best destinations when it comes to deep sea fishing. Strategically located in the South Pacific Ocean and only 4+/- hours from Australia, Vanuatu will promise to provide you with one of the most memorable fishing experience you can have.


Once you catch your first deep sea trophy in the renowned Vanuatu’s Marlin Highway, all your other catches will never feel the same.


Vanuatu’s reputation for game fishing is renowned internationally and different fishing techniques can be practiced here. From light to heavy tackle classes to even some of the new styles like Jigging.


Where Can I Catch One?


Popularly known as the Marlin Highway, this unbelievably busy fishing spot offers some of the best blue marlin fish in the world as well as other blue water speedsters like Dogtooth tuna, Wahoo, Yellow fin tuna and even the enormous Trevally!.

Fishing Heavy Tackle in Vanuatu


And to make this list even more exciting, Vanuatu and its Marlin Highway has, over the years, landed quite a number of grander blues. Can you imagine talking to your friends about the day you battle a Grander Blue Marlin?


For the lucky ones that have planned an Xmas holiday to Vanuatu (it is not too late to book your holiday), November to March is undoubtedly the best time for Blue Marlin and Swordfish game fishing and both of these species can be found in abundance all around Vanuatu.


Just remember that these Blue Marlins are renown for their fighting spirit, so be ready for a hearty battle that will make the whole experience that much better.


How Much Do They Weigh?


Vanuatu has registered an average weight of these amazing creatures between 200-500 pounds, with some (probably the largest) weighting as much as 1,135 pounds.


Dogtooth tuna is also very popular during the holiday period, with some fisherman registering catches that have weighted as much as 80 kilograms.



How Do I Get There?



Air Vanuatu is your best choice and being the national flag carrier, you are sure to be in good hands.


Air Vanuatu operates from a number of different international airports, including Auckland in New Zealand, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, Nadir in Fiji and many more.


Where Do I Stay?


For the best accommodation deals, check out the Air Vanuatu’s website, in where you can find great deals and top destination while in Port Vila, Espiritu Santo, Tanna Island or anywhere around Vanuatu.


If you are feeling adventurous, Bokissa Island is a great little place to camp out and experience the Northern Islands. It is located a few kilometers from Espiritu Santo and it is a great area to find Dogtooth tuna and Wahoo.


Now it is up to you, stop thinking about it and start planning where to put your next fishing trophy. Check out the Air Vanuatu website and find out the latest Vanuatu holiday deals.


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