QUIZ | What Is Your Perfect Vanuatu Holiday?

Jul 22, 15 QUIZ | What Is Your Perfect Vanuatu Holiday?



Whether your idea of a Perfect Vanuatu holiday is a relaxing massage and a cocktail at a 5 star resort, or you’d prefer it action packed with thrills and exciting adventures, you’ll be able to find your perfect holiday in Vanuatu.


We have something for everyone!





Take this quiz to find out what kind of Vanuatu experience is perfect for your travel personality…


Question 1: What are your holiday essentials?

a. Surfboard, hiking boots, jetski, reef shoes…
b. A map and a local phrasebook
c. Phone, GoPro, WiFi
d. Games to keep the kids happy… and sometimes the number of a babysitter
e. A cocktail, a massage, and some peace and quiet


Question 2: Hungry? What would you pick to stop your tummy grumbling?

a. Anything I can eat on the go!
b. Whatever the locals are eating, I’m eating
c. Something that looks so good enough to instagram!
d. If the restaurant has a great kids menu, I’m happy
e. If it tastes like it comes with a side of Michelin stars, I’m in!


Question 3: Where are you most likely to be found on your holiday?

a. Anywhere from diving underwater to the top of a volcano
b. Chatting with locals and taking in the culture
c. Finding the most beautiful spots for the perfect pic
d. At the beach helping with sandcastles
e. Luxuriating at the day spa


Question 4: What’s the most important item in your travel wardrobe?

a. A Wetsuit
b. Good walking shoes
c. Whatever I look best in!
d. A hat to protect from the sun
e. The hotel robe

Question 5: Who are your ideal travelling companions?

a. A big crew of good mates!
b. I prefer to travel alone or with a likeminded person
c. My best friends!
d. The whole family to join in the fun!
e. My special someone

Question 6: When do you plan your holidays?

a. Spur of the moment! I feel like a holiday, I book, I go!
b. I’m always looking for my next opportunity to travel the world.
c. When I see a friend post a stunning holiday pic on Social Media, I can’t resist planning my next holiday.
d. I plan my travel around school holidays so we can enjoy a great family getaway somewhere the kids will love!
e. When I’m sick of the cold weather I book my flight to somewhere I can relax in the warm sunshine.

Question 7: What’s the first thing you do when you get on the plane?

a. Headphones on listening to your favourite tunes
b. Take out your lonely planet guide and read up on the destination
c. Plane selfie!
d. Make sure the kids have something to occupy them for the flight
e. Have a glass of champagne!

Now count up how many As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Es you got, then scroll down to see what type of Vanuatu Holiday is best for your Travel Personality…













Vanuatu Adventurer Quiz Answer A


Answered mostly A’s? You’re an Adventurer!

Your idea of an excellent holiday is anywhere you can get your adrenaline pumping! Vanuatu has so many adrenaline fuelled activities there’s no danger of being bored. Explore the depths of the ocean diving Vanuatu’s world renowned dive sites like the SS President Coolidge or Million Dollar Point off Espiritu Santo, and hike to the top of Mt Yasur, the world’s most accessible active volcano on Tanna Island. On Efate, get your thrills driving dirt buggies around the island, ziplining through lush jungle, or jumping on a mountain bike! You can also ride horses and jetskis, go hiking, caving, canoeing, zorbing, surfing and much more!


Bring your mates and experience all that Vanuatu has to offer lovers of adventure like you! You’ll want to visit as many islands as possible, so why not check out our Discover Vanuatu Air Pass.




Vanuatu Adventurer Quiz Answer B


Answered mostly B’s? You’re a Cultural Explorer!

For your perfect holiday, cultural experiences are a must! You want to know how the locals live, to speak their language, and learn about their traditions and customs. You’re in luck! Vanuatu’s rich tradition is colourful, vibrant, and still deeply entrenched in the day to day life of the Ni-Vanuatu people. Learn a few phrases in the local language Bislama and strike up a conversation, explore the outer islands, visit villages and meet locals, try Vanuatu cuisine like Lap Lap, or even partake in the local Kava drink. Some villages offer cultural experience tours, like the Tanna Black Magic Experience.




Vanuatu Adventurer Quiz Answer C


Answered mostly C’s? You’re a #HolidaySharer!

The best kind of holiday is a holiday you can share with your friends!! … even if they didn’t actually come with you J Sometimes an experience is just so good you have to share it with the world and you’re in luck because Vanuatu is a photographer’s paradise – #NoFilter needed. With the most scenic views, brightest blue water, whitest sand, and so many incredible sights and sounds you’ll never stop taking pics! Check out our Vanuatu islands guide and start planning what you’re going to take a photo of first!


Worried about WiFi? Don’t be! Vanuatu’s resorts have great Wifi, and there are also places in town to go online, like the Nambawan Café in Port Vila, Efate.


While you’re in Vanuatu share your experiences with us! Use the hashtag #AirVanuatu on Instagram and Facebook, and tag @AirVanuatu in your Insta pics. We love to see the excellent time you’re having, and we might even share your photos to our page!




Vanuatu Adventurer Quiz Answer D


Answered mostly D’s? You’re a Family Hero!

Family getaways are a great way to create lasting happy memories! Your family is your priority and you want to take them on a holiday they’ll never forget. Vanuatu is the perfect family destination with many family fun activities that will make mum, dad, kids, teens… even grandma and grandpa happy! Not only can you have fun all together, many Vanuatu resorts have kids club, or teen programs that are safe and fun for kids… and give parents a little well deserved time to themselves.


The Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa is one of the most popular family holiday resorts in the Pacific! Check out their special family offers.




Vanuatu Adventurer Quiz Answer E


Answered mostly E’s? You’re a Lover of Luxury!

Private islands, adults only resorts, top echelon wine lists, massages and spa treatments, private pools, the best of South Pacific and French Influence cuisine … sound good? You’re a lover of luxury and enjoy having every indulgence at your fingertips! In Vanuatu you can escape from your hectic life and immerse yourself in the relaxed lifestyle and calming effect of Vanuatu’s natural surrounds, knowing you’re in the lap of luxury.


Vanuatu has many exclusive island retreats that offer all the luxuries you’re looking for in an idyllic holiday. Ratua Private Island Resort is one such retreat. compare hotel prices Check out our latest specials and offers.




Whatever type of traveller you are, you can find information about Vanuatu, Flights, and Accommodation visit Air Vanuatu’s Website.




Photos courtesy of David Kirkland



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